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What is an ArtsBridge project?

ArtsBridge projects can be many things, as they are designed to meet the needs of our partner organizations. They typically involve one USU ArtsBridge student scholar, one USU ArtsBridge faculty mentor, a classroom teacher and a big idea. Scholars will come into a classroom twice a week for 30 – 90 minutes per visit, working with K-12 students to develop an arts-based project over 6-12 weeks.

USU ArtsBridge projects have ranged from:
• A classroom set of alphabet books reinforcing science concepts (6th & 7th grade)
• A storyquilt exploring world fairytales and story development (2nd grade)
• A geo-spatial 3-D model of Cache Valley’s biomes, made using origami (4th grade)
• Music and movement activities used to reinforce early math skills (1st grade)

What do these all have in common?
• ArtsBridge projects are by design cross-curricular and reinforce other core subjects
• ArtsBridge projects are USU student led and classroom student centered
• ArtsBridge projects explore subject areas deeply using high quality materials
• ArtsBridge projects all have a culminating sharing with the classroom students’ learning community where parents are invited

How ArtsBridge Works: The basic formula for ArtsBridge is as follows: Utah State University will pair an advanced arts or arts education USU Arts Bridge student scholar(s) with a host school or community organization to create a long-term residency project that actively involves your students. Art disciplines can include: visual arts, drama, music, digital arts, creative writing, interior design, and yes, even landscape architecture! You will tell us what your classroom, school and curricular needs are, and together we design a project that uses the arts as an engagement tool to help teach core subjects. Remember: Arts are Core and are part of the State standards -- so teaching arts to meet the art standard is also appropriate. It can be a single-classroom project, or involve more of your school, depending on your needs and the availability of our ArtsBridge student scholars.

ArtsBridge Project Details: A full ArtsBridge project is 20-25 contact hours. We are also accepting applications for smaller 'pilot projects.' These can run from 8-12 contact hours with your students. For the larger projects, ideally two hours per week should be designated for your ArtsBridge project; the pilot projects can be designed with one contact hour per week. The ArtsBridge student scholars can work on a project in conjunction with your school's own arts specialist and/or with a regular classroom teacher. The key is that we want to give students the opportunity to work together over the course of 1-3 months to create something they are really proud of.

To host an ArtsBridge project, click here for more details.

Photo Tours of Various Projects

Letter-block Printing Project at Edith Bowen School                               Science Alphabet Book at Willow Valley Middle School

Ceramic Sculpting with Boys & Girls Club                                     Art + Math Sketchbook at Willow Valley Middle School

Foothill Elementary Poetry Collection                                          Hillcrest Elementary Poetry Power Book

Interior Design Sketchbook by Edith Bowen School                     Photography & Printmaking at Adams Elementary

Speaking Through Pictures Project at Adams Elementary                       The Legends of Cache Valley biosphere project

TV Broadcasting with Millville Elementary School   

Jazz In The Schools

Arts Ambassadors at Fast Forward Charter High School