Legacy: (noun) \leg-uh-see\ Something from the past, something that is handed down or remains from a previous generation or time.

Legacy Projects are an important part of the USU ArtsBridge core mission and focus. Legacy Projects are those special projects that are a blend of synergy, creative vision, and lots of hard work. They are designed to be “forever” projects that remain in the schools for future students to enjoy and benefit from. These are projects that are initiated by a partner school which are ArtsBridge projects that remain as a permanent part of the host school for generations to come. They maintain all the same standards of a traditional ArtsBridge project in quality and cross-curricular subject integration. The difference lies in their lasting impact on the host school environment.

Past Legacy Projects have included: murals, mosaics, and school-based landscape design projects. 

Legacy Projects are:
1. Led by USU ArtsBridge scholars
2. Created by partners school students and often school volunteers. Typically one classroom is involved in the main project creation.
3. The project concept is co-created by all stakeholders, which typically include: classroom teachers, students, scholars, host school principal. Broader projects can be implemented by community volunteers.

Expectation for scholars and host organizations involved in Legacy Projects:
1. Close communication needs to be maintained throughout project between scholar and host teacher. This involves sharing lesson plans, strategic project planning and implementation.
2. The host organization is responsible for purchasing materials and supplies. ArtsBridge will assist in fundraising as needed.
3. Scholars are not expected to create a legacy project alone. These are team efforts that require close mentoring, additional collaboration and team building.
4. Often school district administration and the press are invited to share in the culminating project unveiling.


"I really appreciate that I had ArtsBridge.  It invigorated my studies while I was doing it, and it is still an experience that I go to when considering my future.  It was such an amazing time. " 

Liz Pedersen (ArtsBridge Scholar 2007-2008 Landscape Redesign, Millville Elementary)

Photo Tours of Various Legacy Projects

Wall Mosaic at Millville Elementary                                      Landscape Design Project at Millville Elementary

Story Quilt by Edith Bowen Laboratory School                    Millville Elementary's Landscape Design Sketchbook

Four Seasons Mural at Millville Elementary                                     Hillcrest Elementary Ceramic Mural Project                  

Multiplying Fractions by Willow Valley Middle School    


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